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USAirways 5 Inch Bowl
The bottom says "US Airways USBO105 by ABCO"
Available: 22
Stock #: US1001-A13
Price: $6.00 each


USAir PDQ Brochure
Available: 2
Stock #: US1008-A100
Price: $2.00 each


USAir Regional Sales Meeting Mug
Available: 2
Stock #: US1006-A13
Price: $7.00 each


USAir 5 Inch Plate
The bottom says "Made Expressly for USAir by Mayer China USA 25C".
Available: 17
Stock #: US1005-A13
Price: $5.00 each


USAir Casserole Dish
The bottom says "USAir"
Available: 6
Stock #: US1003-A13
Price: $5.00 each


USAirways Plastic Kiddy Wings
Available: 0
Stock #: US1007-A13
Price: $4.00 each


USAir Cup
The bottom says "Made Expressly for USAir by Mayer China USA".
Available: 0
Stock #: US1004-A13
Price: $6.00 each


USAirways 8 Inch Dinner Plate
The bottom says "US Airways USPL110 by ABCO"
Available: 0
Stock #: US1002-A13
Price: $9.00 each




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